Building Solutions

Porcelanosa offers the most advanced building solutions for modern architecture with the maximum quality standards and professionals dedicated to its engineering and installation. Rain screen ventilated facades systems for porcelain tiles and solid surfaces, bonded facades for porcelain tiles or solid surfaces or raised access flooring for exterior and interior applications complement an attractive offering for the use, benefit and enjoyment of most architects. Our ventilated façade projects have the latest certifications and have been installed throughout the world meeting the International installation requirements.

The Ventilated Façade is a multi-layered building envelope consisting of an outer layer made of different materials that is mechanically connected to the inner layer (a new or existing wall made of brick, cement blocks, etc.) using a substructure made of wood, aluminum or steel, and a ventilated air gap of varying width (minimum 2 cm) which usually contains the thermal insulation in contact with the inner layer and provides proven energy savings through the insulation and the creation of a chimney effect.