Raised access flooring

Raised access flooring for interiors makes it possible to distribute services under the floor, ensuring these elements are also quickly and easily accessible.

This system is widely used in office buildings and shops where it is necessary to have practical access to services and to be able to replace parts quickly and easily. This type of flooring consists of panels that are placed, without the need for mortar, over a galvanised steel structure that creates an empty space under the flooring.

Butech raised access flooring is characterised by its use of PORCELANOSA Group ceramic panels from the STON-KER® and Urbatek collections, placed over a highly sturdy frame.

The exterior raised access floor system is used in terraces where it is necessary to cover slopes with a flat surface, improving the appearance, insulation and drainage of the flooring. This type of floor tiles consists of ceramic panels and plastic supports that can be set at different heights. Exterior panels by Butech have an average thickness of 24 mm and are therefore resistant to pedestrian traffic.